Julie & Dries – Engagement Session in Brugge

I love Brugge, maybe for the same reason as my couples who ask me to shoot there. This is also the place from Dries comes from, so the choice of their engagement shoot place was rather obvious. We’ve got gorgeous weather, not many disturbing tourists and plenty of time to explore small and smaller pretty corners of the city.

Shooting two people with such a big difference of skin tones is quite a challenge but I hope I manged the expectations.

Julie & Dries, thank you for having me there with you and cant wait for your wedding next year!

julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-01 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-02 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-03 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-04 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-05 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-06 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-07 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-08 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-09 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-10 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-11 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-12 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-13 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-14 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-15 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-16 julie-dries-brugge-kasia-bacq-17

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