Tia & Brandi – Surprise proposal in Gent

Tia contacted me saying that she and her girlfriend will be traveling to Belgium soon and she is about to surprise propose to Brandi in Gent, she concluded with the question if I can shoot their proposal and find a suitable place for it. I didn’t even think a minute, I said YES!

It was my first surprise proposal that I have ever done and Im sure I was as nervous as Tia on the moment. I chose a beautiful bridge by the cathedral and they loved it as part of the proposal was a custom-made, engraved lock.

Everything went smoothly and I could photograph Brandi’s shocked in disbelief face and I loved it!

See it for yourself 🙂

WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-08 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-10 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-16 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-19 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-24 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-26 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-30 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-32 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-34 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-35 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-40 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-44 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-46 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-51 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-52 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-56 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-60 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-67 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-71 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-73 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-74 WEB-Tia-&-Brandi-Engagement-Ghent-Kasia-Bacq-78

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