Shooting couples in love in Brugge is kind of my thing nowadays. I adore this little town for such an amazing capability of blending in astoundingly. Susan & Miro, flew to Belgium from Vienna, he proposed to her that day and this is where I had my little part to immortalize that special day for them. The weather for November was just surprisingly good, sun was shining, and colors of autumn leaves made a stunning background for these two. Do you need more?

 Guys, it was an honor to be able to photograph you in that exceptional moment you will cherish forever!

WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(1) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(2) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(6) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(9) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(12) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(13) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(14) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(19) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(21) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(28) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(34) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(35) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(40) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(43) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(44) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(46) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(53) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(58) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(60) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(61) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(64) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(66) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(69) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(74) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(76) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(77) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(81) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(85) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(87) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(89) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(91) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(94) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(95) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(99) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(101) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(103) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(105) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(109) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(112) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(114) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(117) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(118) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(122) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(123) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(125) WEB - Susan-&-Miro-Brugge-(127)