Classical & Romantic, Idil & Yigit in Brugge

This session was one of the ones, where I don’t talk too much, I just shoot and enjoy the beauty. Idil & Yigit form an extraordinary couple who is madly in love and you can directly see it. I didn’t have to direct them, pose them, or doing anything at all basically, except pressing the shutter button. They were just there, so intimate with each other and I had the pleasure to capture these rare moments between them, accompanied with the city of Brugge.

We strolled around Brugge, starting with Astrid Park, where Yigit popped the question, following the small streets, finding pretty places and avoiding the crowds.

This is why I love what I do. I’m happy seeing couples like this one, it fuels me up, inspires me and keeps me going. Idil & Yigit thank you for entrusting me to capture your celebration of love.

Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-01 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-02 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-03 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-04 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-05 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-06 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-07 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-08 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-09 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-10 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-11 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-12 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-13 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-14 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-15 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-16 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-17 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-18 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-19 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-20 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-21 Classical-Bridal-Shoot-Brugge-Kasia-Bacq-22

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