Bridal Musings feature – Karel & Frederik

It’s such an honor to be published in an amazing Bridal Musings wedding blog! This time, the equality, same sex wedding of the Belgian couple made to their site. As a wedding photographer based in Belgium, I mostly shoot ceremonies locally, this time I had a pleasure to work a 3 day long, weekend celebrations held in France, in an amazing, fairy-tale-like castle and orchard. I felt so special to be able to immortalize these unique moments.

Click here for the complete wedding.

This is how Bridal Musings presented the wedding of Karel & Frederik.

Kasia-Bacq-Destination-Wedding-France-Day-1-Karel-Frederik-03 Kasia-Bacq-Destination-Wedding-France-Day-1-Karel-Frederik-30 Kasia-Bacq-Destination-Wedding-France-Day-2-Karel-Frederik-044 Kasia-Bacq-Destination-Wedding-France-Day-2-Karel-Frederik-088 Kasia-Bacq-Destination-Wedding-France-Day-2-Karel-Frederik-091 Kasia-Bacq-Destination-Wedding-France-Day-2-Karel-Frederik-098

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