Wedding Fairs in Brussels: Kiss the Bride Festival

First edition of Kiss the Bride Festival was organised by two lovely ladies Elodie & Virginie in the cosy interiors of La Trocoterie in Brussels. I was really thrilled and happy to take part in the event, as it was something fresh and new, different from all the mass gatherings in the similar form that I visited in the past.

The event started on Friday evening with drinks & mingle. On a Saturday morning we learnt that the state enforced 4th level of terrorist attack alert and closed metro stations in whole Brussels. I was really sad that this happened just on the day of our fairs, however we decided to move from home and join the rest of the vendors who decided to participate anyway. It was my first time on wedding fairs as a vendor and even though there were not that many people, I learnt a lot and I know how to prepare myself and my stand for the next one!

Thank you ladies for doing this despite the unfortunate situation. Can’t wait for the second edition!

Below you can find a recap from the festival and I am even there! (at the beginning is my stand and around 40sec I’m pouring drinks, ha!)

Kiss-the-Bride-Festival-Kasia-Bacq-2 Kiss-the-Bride-Festival-Kasia-Bacq-3


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