WEB Louise Brendan 590

Louise & Brendan, Chateau de la Rocq Restauration Nouvelle Arquennes

It was the most beautiful day of September and we could not dream about a better setting. The sun was shining and the light created unique lighting that I adored and since early that morning, I planned where we are going to shot that day. Chateau de la Rocq in Arquennes is a part of Restauration Nouvelle and I just love this venue! Vast, green, with variety of scenes and hidden corners. This wedding was a perfect mix between romantic French and elegant British. Just take a look and immerse yourself in the eternal beauty of golden hour and soft light.

The ceremony was lead by Elodie from Elodie Love & Tralala. 

Natalia JP Tervuren Brussels Kasia Bacq 015

What do you do and what do you LOVE about it?⁠

I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! I’ve been a photographer almost all my life and to this day, I love everything from stressful wedding seasons to celebrating my clients marriage after a year of planning. That’s right, I love it all: the good, the bad, and the incredible! What do you do, and more importantly, what do you LOVE about it?⁠

Kasia Bacq,wedding and lifestyle family photographer based in Brussels, Belgium, traveling country and worldwide; Antwerpen, Brugge, Ghent.

Julie Dries Brugge 16

What’s the most telling thing about you?

How gorgeous is that gown?⁠

On the other note, what’s the most telling thing about you? No poker face? Heart on your sleeve? Zodiac sign? For what it’s worth, I’m a Virgo and I am a complete and exact definition of that sign. But if you really want to know something about me—take a look at my desktop. Whenever it looks messy, I tidy . If it’s tidy, you know I'm dead!. What does your desk look like today, and what does that say about you?⁠

Kasia Bacq,wedding and lifestyle family photographer based in Brussels, Belgium, traveling country and worldwide; Antwerpen, Brugge, Ghent.

WEB Laurence Stefan 467

How I help couples relax during a photoshoot?

Friend, have a seat on my proverbial Insta-table and let me tell you something about how I help couples relax during photoshoots!

First, I smile! and then invite them to smile back to me. Finally, I invite them to smile at each other and there you have it! What questions do you have?!⁠

Kasia Bacq,wedding and lifestyle family photographer based in Brussels, Belgium, traveling country and worldwide; Antwerpen, Brugge, Ghent.

Julie Dries Brugge 37

What’s the toughest challenge you’ve ever faced?

What’s the toughest challenge you’ve ever faced? The greatest lesson you ever learned? Would you have guessed I came to Belgium with ZERO knowledge of French? I was totally lost! That hasn’t always been easy to share. ⁠ Speaking your truth is a brave and vulnerable act, but it’s how we build real connections. Plus, you never know when a page from your story will turn into a key chapter in someone else’s survival guide! Tell me some of your story, friend!

And for you, one beautiful bride :)

WEB Natalia JP Tervuren Brussels 273

Natalia & Jean Philippe, Tervuren, Brussels

When a perfectionist meets another perfectionist things can get ugly very quickly! I arrived to the wedding ceremony of Natalia & JP with a dose of reserve to be able to assess the situation before things get tense. What a surprise it was when I saw them getting out of the car, all in smiles and love in the air. The whole stress went down, I smiled back to that gorgeous lady and the day rolled on!

After a tear-jerking vow exchange, we head to the Parc of Tervuren, just around the cornet of Brussels and shot the portraits in the shade of the old trees. The weather was fabulous and these Louboutins! A dream! Take a look yourself :)

Congratulations Natalia & JP for your new path together!

WEB Derkje Quinten 581

Derkje & Quinten, Salons van Edel, Antwerpen

I could dare to say that international couples
are my specialty. I tend to attract couples with different backgrounds and I can’t
be more happy about it! I went through that myself and this can’t make me a
better expert on long-distance relationships, plane ticket prices and organizing
the wedding from afar. The same hardships were meant for Derkje and Quinten.
Living for a long time apart with the ocean in between them, we skyped to
discuss all the necessary arrangements and exchange hundreds of emails.

On the day, even though my car was almost towed away in the early morning of the wedding, it started to pour rain the moment I stepped into the hotel (August Hotel, Antwerpen), the ceremony (Salons van Edel) had to be placed indoors instead of in the garden – this didn’t matter. Everything went well, I would even say exceptionally well, the sun came out and we could shoot in the golden hour of the early evening. It was an amazing day that I will remember for a long time.

Congratulations Derkje & Quinten on your new way of life. Together this time.

Preparations: August Antwerp

Venue: Salons van Edel

Laura Pieter Kasteel Breivelde Zottegem 001

Laura & Pieter, Kasteel Breivelde, Zottegem

It was one of the hottest days this summer and we were all very warm and uncomfortable. I tried to do my best to make Laura & Pieter at ease and not to get too sweated. On top of that, midday sun did not help, harsh shadows were visible each time we stepped into the sunshine.

Few minutes of venue scouting of Kasteel Breivelde in Zottegem made me feel more confident that event these difficult conditions will not mark this session.

The final outcome I leave to you. What do you think? I love it!

WEB Stephanie Rik Chateau de la Rocq 433

Stephanie & Rik, Chateau de la Rocq

It was a very cold day, mixed with frequent showers and cold wind. The air was humid and sticky, I was full of doubts how the whole day will roll out with this kind of forecast. For what I was not afraid, was the venue. Amazing Chateau de la Rocq in Arquennes is one of a kind. The bridal suite is full of natural light and I was impatient to shoot preparations.

The bride had to waited out in the car to be able to enter the church- it rained so much! But then, sun came out and we could enjoy some warm rays of sunshine that continued throughout the day!

Steph & Rik, thank you for having me there!

WEB Goku Stella Brussels Kasia Bacq 032

Goku & Stella - Engagement Shoot in Brussels

From Malaysia with love! All the way from south-east Asia, I am honored to introduce you to Goku & Stella, two lovebirds that will get married later this year!

They came to Brussels for professional reasons but decided to have their engagement shoot taken in this beautiful town to immortalize its atmosphere and architecture. We had so much luck that day, with gorgeous spring light above us and nature waking slowly with its blooms. Engagement shoot in downtown Brussels is not something I do often, but I was surprised how photogenic it actually is. Please scroll down and take a look for yourself.