Derkje & Quinten, Salons van Edel, Antwerpen

I could dare to say that international couples are my specialty. I tend to attract couples with different backgrounds and I can’t be more happy about it! I went through that myself and this can’t make me a better expert on long-distance relationships, plane ticket prices and organizing the wedding from afar. The same hardships were meant for Derkje and Quinten. Living for a long time apart with the ocean in between them, we skyped to discuss all the necessary arrangements and exchange hundreds of emails.

On the day, even though my car was almost towed away in the early morning of the wedding, it started to pour rain the moment I stepped into the hotel (August Hotel, Antwerpen), the ceremony (Salons van Edel) had to be placed indoors instead of in the garden – this didn’t matter. Everything went well, I would even say exceptionally well, the sun came out and we could shoot in the golden hour of the early evening. It was an amazing day that I will remember for a long time.

Congratulations Derkje & Quinten on your new way of life. Together this time.

Preparations: August Antwerp

Venue: Salons van Edel

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