Valeria & Davide, Sunset Engagement in Genk

That was quite a session! On the way to Genk I was wondering if the weather will be in our favor. We planned for the sunset shoot on the hills in the outskirts of the city and I was more than excited as there are only few opportunities like this in Belgium on the planned session.

Here I am, on the vast parking before a bit strenuous walk uphill, I met them, Valeria & Davide, ready to roll!

I adore this light, it makes people faces glow, smoots wrinkles and imperfections, adds coziness to the images and it makes them purely magical. Meteorological conditions were not perfect, strong, cold wind, made us all shiver but we did it and I am more than happy of the results.

Valeria & Davide, thank you for choosing me, I can’t wait for your wedding next year!

valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-01 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-02 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-03 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-04 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-05 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-06 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-07 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-08 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-09 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-10 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-11 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-12 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-13 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-14 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-15 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-16 valeria-davide-sunset-engagement-genk-kasia-bacq-17

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