Blue Fairy Forest Bridal Shoot

Shooting in Hallerbos is always tricky, as the blooming period depends so much on weather conditions. When the time comes, the forest is flooded by tourists and visitors., this is why it is even more tricky to find best spots uninterrupted by anyone.

Angie came up with the idea of combining blue fairy forest background with burgundy accents of the brides styling. We discussed all the details over emails and set a date! Weeks of planning, finding appropriate and talented vendors and many exchanged emails after – we had it planned! There was only a matter putting everything together.When we met that afternoon, it was raining, I wasn’t happy but with a bit of luck we got few rays of sunshine too!

I would like to thank you all the creative team members for making this amazing shoot come to life. It was a sheer pleasure to work with you all and I am glad to have met you. Thank you. ♥

“Burgundy Bluebells Forest Inspiration Shoot” came to life thanks to:

Organisation, styling, make-up & hair – Angie Sierens, Make-up Artist
Gowns – Rembo Styling
Flowers – Katarzyna Joanna Gródek
Models – Astrid Mattelaer & Stefanie De

Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-01 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-02 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-03 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-04 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-05 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-06 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-07 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-08 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-09 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-10 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-11 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-12 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-13 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-14 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-15 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-16 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-17 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-18 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-19 Blue-Fairy-Forest-Bridal-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-20

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