Love Shoot in Brugge: Izumi & Yoshiaki

I realized that I shoot more and more in Bruges these months, when I generally stay in Brussels area. Wedding photographer in Bruges! Here I come 🙂

Izumi and Yoshiaki came to Belgium all the way from Tokyo! They decided to spend their short honeymoon week in Belgium & Germany. Izumi contacted me literally one week before they arrived to Europe. She was browsing Pinterest, saw my pictures there and realized that she wants to have a love shoot in the stunning city of Bruges, together with her lovely, new husband.

She was explaining, via emails, that she is dreaming about greenery and beautiful architecture composed in the pictures together with her and her husband. At the first sound of “green” I realized that we have mid-February and green is the last color that we can expect here in Belgium. I was a bit stressed out that I can’t deliver their dream photographs because of the winter that is still at large.

All in all, with a bit of luck, we managed to shoot in the beautiful interiors of Hotel Dukes Palace and not-so-crowded center of Bruges. There was even a bit of sunshine now and then.

Izumi and Yoshiaki, I hope that I fulfilled at least a bit your dream about romantic photographs in the heart of Belgium.

Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-01 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-02 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-03 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-04Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-003 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-06 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-07 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-08 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-09 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-10 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-11 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-12 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-13 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-14 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-15 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-16 Brugge-Love-Shoot-Kasia-Bacq-17

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