Britt & Stan Cascade du Bayehon Love Shoot

My GPS broke down and I got lost somewhere in Belgian Ardennes that day. I came to senses and got my brain cells to work better to figure it out where I am. And then I saw them, already waiting for me! I spotted their sweet dog Juul too, who was so overwhelmed and excited by the grandeur of the free space that he didn’t know how to embrace it.

We walked up for a quarter or so and reached the purpose of our trip – Cascade du Bayehon. It’s the second biggest waterfall in Belgium and it looked so much better than I imagined! There were not that many people at the time so I started to shoot right away.

We spent a lovely afternoon in the nature, I photographed a cute couple, all things I love at once!

Britt & Stan, this is the end of our wedding journey together. I hope to meet you on some other occasions in the future. It was an outmost pleasure to be able to work with you. Thank you. 🙂

Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-01 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-02 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-03 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-04 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-05 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-06 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-07 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-08 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-09 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-10 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-11 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-12 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-13 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-14 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-15 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-16 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-17 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-18 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-19 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-20 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-21 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-22 Cascade-du-Bayehon-Britt-&-Stan-Kasia-Bacq-23


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