Knokke Engagement: Jolán and François

Jolán and François were the first couple whom I photographed within the engagement shoot giveaway. We decided to meet in Knokke. For those out of Belgium, this is the ultimate sea side location! We had an amazing weather even though in Brussels and Mons, where the couple live, it was rather cold and drizzling. Jolán prepared number of outfits and we were able to photograph them all! I have to admit that that day was the first time ever that water in the North Sea was NOT cold! If I had brought the bikini with me I sure would have gone swimming!

Jolán and François, thank you for being great models and sharing your story with me! I wish you all the best for your wedding next year!

Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-01 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-02 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-03 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-04 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-05 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-06 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-07 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-08 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-09 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-10 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-11 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-12 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-13 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-14 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-15 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-16 Knokke-Engagement-Shoot-Jolan-&-Francois-17


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