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I have a great photography backpack to which I can fit all my photography gear, lunch, snack and dinner. It is great to transport things but it’s not very handy on the shoot. When it’s fully packed I can barely lift it from the ground. This is why I decided to get a bag.

I was in love for years in ONA Brooklyn but it’s a really expensive bag, I wanted something more affordable. I found Mooshi Leather Design store on Etsy* and it was it! I liked it from the first look, I compared the measurements and clicked “purchase” button! The package came from Hong-Kong pretty fast and I couldn’t wait to open it. The bag is leather with light stitching. It has plenty of little pockets and handy compartments that can fit one DSLR with a lens attached, two other lenses and accessories. I find it though a bit too narrow, maybe I should have taken the 15 cm one (this is 10cm wide). On the other hand, this bag is on my shoulder the whole wedding long, I don’t need to be able to fit there all my gear, this is not the point, I need it to be rather light. The thing is that I have to have an immediate access to lenses, it can’t be heavy and it has to look good. And I got it! At the beginning it seemed a bit rigid, but as leather, it tends to form to the user and it became much softer now. I’m really, really happy about my new purchase because the bag doesn’t look like a photography bag neither. I can take the divider out of it and use it as a regular messenger bag, I love it!

* I don’t know why but Mooshi store does not longer exist on Etsy. It had thousands of great reviews but when I clicked on it, there is nothing on it. I don’t know what happened.

If you are interested the bag cost 100 euros plus shipping to Belgium (around 130 euros total).

KSB_8184 KSB_8228 KSB_8232 KSB_8247 KSB_8259 KSB_8294


  1. wow!! haha after our talk of bags yesterday!: 100 euros quite a deal for a multi-functional full leather bag! 🙂 i like that its also very unisex looking. if on travel = can ask hubby to help hold and not look girly! 🙂

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