Brussels Engagement: Karel & Frederik

I just needed few seconds to realize how much these guys love each other…

We met for the first time on a hot evening in my home studio in Brussels and I couldn’t take eyes out of them! Karel and Frederik make a gorgeous couple, I’m sure you can see that, and this is what it appeared in front of me as a first impression. They are getting married in August in France and they decided to make a whole weekend out of it! Isn’t that great? For the engagement shoot we met in a very special place – on the grounds of their soon to be home and with a company of their two, lovely dogs. They were following us every step of the way, while we were exploring the meadows, bushes and even then, where we met two young, sweet colts. Cuteness overload!

Karel and Frederik, if your wedding will be at least in a bit that amazing as your engagement shoot, I’m confident it is going to be unforgettable!

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