Tenerife, Spain

This year we had to choose. Ski trip or sun holidays in winter. We thought that if all 3 of us go for a ski trip, we would never ski together, we will be tired and stressed and on top of that the trip itself will get very expensive. We decided to split and spend holidays of choice, separately. My husband chose the ski trip with his friends and I went with Luca and my parents to Tenerife!

I was never in the Canaries so I couldn’t really believe it that only 5 hours long flight will bring us to sun! To summer sun! We had some windy days, a little bit of rain but lots of sunshine! We were on the beach, dipped in the ocean, saw dolphins and whales, Luca ate some sand and we had great tapas! It’s an amazing place, still plenty to see there but I fully recommend it as a short sun break in the middle of European winter.

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